Thursday, June 24, 2010


If a kid or a baby will see this M&M light on a outlet, I wonder what would be there reaction ahehehehehe . . . .

Any Idea . . . ?


Friday, June 4, 2010

Good night sleep

Mohawk days of Fedge during our team building from angels hiding place

End of shift 5:00am, Overtime at the office to plan on hitting the targets for this quarter 5:00-6:00am. Breakfast at SUMDIM, after an hour went home and spend time playing with my niece 8:00am. After that check e-mail and updates and now its already 10:28am almost 3 hours are spend on the computer.

In which more than 10 hours was spent in front of the monitor during office hours. Whooouuu any way just posting . . . ( walang magawa) now its time to sleep Good night or Good afternoon to all . . .

Hopefully by the time I'll wake up Dollars will be coming in. . ahehehehe

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oxis International

As a result of our fast paced living, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves
We indulge our appetite to lushes and some are unhealthy foods and disregarding the affect of it latter.

Basic unbalance signs you or even me may experience like bad under arm, snoring, skin allergies or disease in which makes our body prone to illness. Those are common signs of unhealthy lifestyle may cause a bigger problem sooner or later

Every problem has its own resolution or a way to make things right. Like spending time in the gym or playing any type of sports, eating the right kind food and also taking supplements or vitamins. Vitamins that can't be provided and found from the basic foods we in take daily.

Example of this are vitamins or supplements and best of all is an Antioxidants available in the market. Glutathione is one of main ingredient that completes a antioxidant. In lay mans term it will cleanse our body due to those toxic from foods and drinks as well.

One of the advantage of this antioxidant its a anti aging solution too. That will keep your looks younger. We all know that Glutathione is a ingredient to a whitter skin though it is actually a antioxidant as well. If you'll try to check www.OXIS.com a lot of information you may learn. By simply clicking the link from this post.

Oxis International are looking for investors who would like to be apart of there Oxis Family this is actually a Penny stocks. To Invest for research and development such as for free radical solutions. If interested click on the link below.

Oxis on Twitter
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day to Remember

Sunday afternoon one of my best friend called me to invite me to a dinner party with some of my old friends as well. So I rushed to our hide out place with expectation of meeting around and catching up with old high school days routine. We'll I assumed that will be the scenario, excitement was overwhelming.

An unexpected news disturbed me, when they told me me that one of our friend will be leaving off from our so called hometown. He'll be leaving off to Japan due to family reason. Even all them was shocked about the news still they were bit shocked of my reaction to from that headline.

This friend of mine is actually one of my closest friend in the whole wide world. We've been thru think and thin. Loosing part of your family would be just the same with this person. He was there when I was down and I was there as well when he was down and sober. Now the cast of this how will be missing one person.

As we gathered along and shared experience with no hesitation I shared my experience with this person. Life experiences, love and trials in life just like normal living person's problems and issues in life. He is not that passive person not like me though he is there to listen and willing to give you advices.

Now I realize live is a changing events it can't be now or tomorrow but this scenery may happen to you as well. Uncontrollable instances in which the only option we do have is to accept reality. Accept and as well as learn from it, Even me can't undo those decisions in which part of our way of live. No improvement you'll learn unless changes are made.

Most important thing you need to keep in mind is to cherish those moments and never forget the time you had happy time and sad times with that specific person our group. Accepting reality and thinking the better not for you but for to that persons life. Changes are always there life can't be complete with out changes cause that will be the only way to learn some facts and lessons that need to be keep and so that we as well improve to ourselves. differences will make much difference but the bond that constructs the word friends would means more. So as the saying " Its the thought that counts"

So all I can say is vo'n voyage to my friend and may we keep our experiences in life make up much stronger and mole us as a better person . . . .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

After our basketball game with officemates we planned to stay over in our batcave. So we decided to head over there directly even all of us are exhausted from the game. Fatigue was already there but another pain struck my head, Headache. Although i didn't bothered assuming its just a simple headache. So we hit the road and drove directly to our batcave with a race against time.

Upon reaching the batcave, couple of bats and unknown creatures surprised us. Good thing grandson of Alfred aka Agent_Baguil was the one driving, he managed to passed all of them with a breeze but still pain is killing me softly.

BatGirl aka Baby Bear was there with his companion( I don't know if that was her/him boyfriend) waiting for us settle out the score from Roshan and defeat Callboy Davao in playing DOTA. Prepared and armed, untuned body distorted my well being causing to chill and fever kicks in. Good thing Alfred and her wife managed to set me on a couch and force me to take a vial with herbal stuff on in it. After couple of minutes I vomited liquids and also the medicine I took.

Bat girl assisted me to my Bed on our Batcave, insuring that I'm comfortable and comfy. So I fall asleep all night and forgot to inform my Furtado. Although Baby Bear already informed her about the scenario, Only one thing came on to mind "hope she'll be here soon"

I woke up assuming she was there already though It was just a dream. No choice but to sleep, acquire my body and consciousness from this illness. I crawl on to the kitchen just to aid the hunger for water and set back to the bed again. No food and other drink available or reachable praying some one will come to pay me a visit.

Couple of hours more after drooling of food and drink, I fall asleep again.
As I woke up again, my head on a lap of some one and arms around me. At first I thought it was Batman or Batgirl which gave me a goose bumps. As i look upon on that lovely face and those China eyes.There she was my Furtado.......
She saved me, a bottle of elixir and a pill with bread to spare in which completed my day and replenish my strength. Thankful that I woke up and the very first thing I saw was her face. Then I said to my self, "Your my paracetamol, antibiotic, solvent, mary jane, stone free and your my opium" you make me high ahehehehehe

Thanks to all my Co-superheroes, who helped to pass this illness. My great Thanks and hope I'll be able to repay you in return for a good deed or deeds. Those who hide there self just to protect others, you are a super hero. Were not fighting crime but were fighting our way to a better future.For us, love ones, family and friends making sure there are safe and booty of needed things to survive.

Every day is a comic story, in each and different way we do. Sacrifice our own time, effort and money to save our family, people who are close to us and also your friends. A lesson not to be learned now but a lesson to be learned after those people will be able to realize that You have done something good for them. Me, I have my superwoman now. I trust her and she trust me as well, we both protect each other from evil villains, ensuring our future will be brighter without stepping on other peoples foot.

Partial Results

As of May 12, 2010 partial and unofficial results for Philippine 2010 election

For President:

1.) AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C. 13,583,835
2.) ESTRADA EJERCITO, Joseph M. 8,614,181
3.) VILLAR, Manuel Jr B. 4,915,464
4.) TEODORO, Gilberto Jr. C. 3,623,132
5.) VILLANUEVA, Eduardo C. 1,010,282
6.) GORDON, Richard J. 461,802
7.) ACOSTA, Vetellano S. 161,227
8.) PERLAS, Jesus Nicanor P. 48,334
9.) MADRIGAL, Jamby A. 41,501
10.)DE LOS REYES, John Carlos G. 39,502

For Vice-President

1.) BINAY, Jejomar C. 13,259,610
2.) ROXAS, Manuel A. 12,466,430
3.) LEGARDA, Loren B. 3,723,425
4.) FERNANDO, Bayani F. 925,637
5.) MANZANO, Eduardo B. 695,885
6.) YASAY, Perfecto R. 326,390
7.) SONZA, Jose Y. 56,836
8.) CHIPECO, Dominador Jr F. 46,704

Senators list:

1.) BONG REVILLA, Ramon, Jr. B. 17,495,563
2.) ESTRADA, Jinggoy E. 17,103,565
3.) DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, Miriam P. 15,660,260
4.) DRILON, Franklin M. 14,361,108
5.) ENRILE, Juan Ponce . 14,148,515
6.) CAYETANO, Pilar Juliana S. 12,395,783
7.) MARCOS, Ferdinand, Jr. R. 11,923,364
8.) RECTO, Ralph G. 11,203,075
9.) SOTTO , Vicente III C. 10,746,456
10.) OSME√ĎA, Sergio III D. 10,538,634
11.) LAPID, Manuel M. 9,862,531
12.) GUINGONA , Teofisto III D. 9,323,807
13.) HONTIVEROS-BARAQUEL, Ana 8,291,791
14.) BIAZON, Rozzano Rufino B. 7,826,785
15.) DE VENECIA, Jose III P. 7,551,959

Election day went well although some part of our country still having some difficulty in understanding this new system.

Based on my own point of view this new system is quiet effective compared it to the last election. Although from what I've experience It took me 5 hours just to have the ballot. A straight line went to a Hydra's head splits into 2. No poll-watcher or even Comelec representative managed to take peek and attempt to Fix the problem. 10 precinct are all gathered in one room with equipment. That would lead to a crowded grade 6 pupils on a grab for a cup of Sustagen chocolate drink or a piece of Chopa-Chups . . .

I do hope much more improvement on the up coming years and congratulations to our new Hopefully "Leaders". May all prayers and expectations that were promised may come true . . .

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Day

Alas day of Election is finally here, the time for Filipino's to vote for the right leaders that should lead us to ameliorate this country.

Me, Baby Bear and Callboy from Davao discuss what will happen if those skillful or good candidates would won? Will they be able to do some changes on our country? How about solving the problem of corruption? Equal or balance treat from justice, economy, to be heard and in means of public rights?

Our answer to all those questions is 50-50 chance. Ask we babble out our own opinions and idea on different issues sharing points of view. It may be possible but that leader will be making a big impossible step thought it can be a good start. why? Our country itself is invested with a lot of corrupt leaders, in which some are trying to rejuvenate the most wounded part of our economy but in order to dwell with those people they'll be needing to lay all their cards and play with the game 1st. If not, they might be left on a corner with pen and paper only and only choice is to resign or step down from that Golden chair. The more people you do have and connection the stronger the power you possess to do some changes. In short its do or die, making a stand on some rightful acts would mean sacrificing your position for that right deed for your country men. So what you'll do play the safest part of the game, hit those small issues with less casualties. By then You'll be on the spot light for awhile,still the bigger fish will consume smaller fishes from this industries. thats why know your enemy and NEVER hit those big fish because you might be eaten alive.

Politics in this country is just like a Virus, one of my team mate said this. I'ff your computer is infected with a trojan virus it will eat up all files and infected other files. Once you've added a software or files no doubt about it it will be infected too. One way to cure this computer problems by doing reformat. Flushing away and renewing all system. Thats the only solution for that, same way needed to our government renewing it to the point of removing those corrupt so called "LEADERS". Putting a stop to the abuse of using People's Tax or people's money for there benefits.

This just an idea although if you'll think of it, its a fact. Hopefully those person may have the courage to stand and be the voice of people whom able to serve to there family only once per day. Just a typical example that would waken up there conscience about those people who voted them and trusted them. Believing on the capability to lead us to much better and brighter future.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Own Tagaka Mix

Way back a couple of years ago when Me and my brother manage and own a small business place called Chill Out Place. We were the waiter, dishwasher, cook, clerk and of course Owners of that place. Drinks and foods were served with a twist, like our own deep fried frog and sisig dish. For drink we managed to make our own twist of Ske-mix which consist of ice tea and a rum served in different ways. Depth charged, a tempting vodka and our top selling cocktail TAGAKA.

TAGAKA came from a greek word "Ta" for Tanduay(Rum), "Ga" gatas(milk) and "Ka" for kape(coffee). . . . .
Just kidding ^_6, this drink is also known as TAGAMI. This is a Local version of the Bailey's drink, is quiet expensive. Thanks to those (palaigit) Super Mega Hyper Drinker or Bozzer. They were able to mull such drink with lesser cost.

Here in the Philippines most of the people already know what is the recipe of TAGAKA. Basic rum,chocolate powder, coffee and milk or creamer will do to sooth your long day from work but don't forget a bucket of Ice, all though Ive changed some of the ingredients.

These are some tips and also ingredients and things you'll be needing
1.) 200ml - Rum
2.) 20g - Chocolate power or chocolate drink
3.) 50ml - Sweetened milk
4.) 250ml - Water
5.) 1.5L - Empty pitcher
6.) 10g - Coffee
7.) Stirrer
8.) Bucket of ice
9.) Oreo biscuits, chocolate chips or chocolate coated oat flakes

First you need to prepare the pitcher and pour on the 200ml Rum, milk, coffee and chocolate powder, then add the water.
Stir well until all ingredients are mix, add sweetened milk.
Then store in your fridge or freezer for about 20mins.
Before serving prepare the add ons, make sure oreo, chips or chocolate coated oats are crushed well.
You may use a shot glass or a long slim glass with straw.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day plans

Two days before the said event, Everyone in the world will be celebrating this event. Along with there family relatives and most special of all our mothers.

Me, still thinking what will I buy for my Mom. Probably an expensive dinner for my mother or a treat on a Spa for a massage. A bunch of flowers may be or a pair of jewelry will do as a sign of simple thanks to my mother.

All of this expensive gifts and treats are 100% sure that would work. although based from my own experience, its not just a box of jewelry but how you prepared it.

The most important fact or recipe of this presents are the effort and the presentation. Yes, money will be apart of it though you wont be needing to use your credit card and swipe and swipe all the way to complete the package.

For instance, a very basic example; prepare a simple breakfast in bed with a pair of daisy or red and white rose on vase or table. A simple omelet dash with oregano leafs, fresh orange and mango fruits blended to add twist on the drink. Bursting eyes will welcome you with a smile like the icon of yahoo messenger. Simple to imagine yet its all about the effort.

How about a planned Dinner, why don't you add a tarpaulin on that restaurant with your moms face. Its kinda silly idea but your mom will appreciate it. Then try to sing a song for her on the center stage with the band.

Another scene, lets say a Spa treat instead try ask for a home service just for your mom. Then prepare a dinner on same area with smoothing ambiance and don't forget some scented candles. Not on the center table but with the dinning area.

This simple example wont be needing a lot of cash but adding a LITTLE effort would complete the day. Bringing home a night to remember with a kiss on chick and a hug from your mom.
We all know most of this presentation can be seen on some movies or shows but if you'll think of it. Just for one night your mom will become a Hollywood star on her special day.
Hey, Bear and Callboy try to treat your mom . . . . aheheheheh ^_^

Monday, May 3, 2010

BC bloggers

WOW. . . this is great . . .

After reading all the post regarding this BC blogger, I found out link building to other blogger made easier. List of blogs based from BC blogger list 1 up to 2 is just a click away

Try to follow the 3 simple step in order to be a part of this 3rd BC blogger list. Its easy promised. . .

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

Iron Man 2

Once again "Two Thumbs Up" for Robert Downey Jr for playing the role of Tony Stark. No questions about the story line, graphics and audio effects from this movie. They've done a great job to put everything on one single piece of art "Iron Man 2".

After watching the movie unanswered question broth into my Poor Mind. Exact reason of Samuel L Jackson existence on that film?
We'll after doing some research based on my old comic books, I found out that it was Nick Fury. Nick Fury is the founder of the group SHIELD and all along would be Avengers for. Captain america would invite Nick Fury to join his plans and with the help of other superheroes.(this would be based on the comic or old cartoons).A group of Marvel superheroes where in created for One main Purpose, To protect humanity from Evil villains.

Nick Fury is a World War II hero and now up to the present still do exist on the comic book. He doesn't have any super powers but dedicated to maintain Peace and order to Marvels world. Assuring all super heroes on marvel to be one and united as well. Yah, He is quiet old all though with the help of an anti-aging serum he still do exist up to now.

Hope more to come from other older Marvel Heroes. I'll be hoping for the Avengers the movie ahehehehe

This is just a simple picture of Nick Fury, you might recall him from this ahehehe

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A great song for this season . . .

Ayayayayaay, ayaw na ta pangutana nganu ngAWOL ang kwarenta . . .

Nay Musunod na Lima . . . .

NagHulat ug suspention ang isa . . . .

Repeat twice in front of your Boss . . . .

By then we or you can continue the next line.
Don't forget to Inform us so that we can update the lyrics of this song.
Based on Max Surban song Ay Sag Lihok revised by Baby Bear collaboration with Call Boy from Davao

This was dedicated to the death of Yoyoy Villame by Cebuano's various artist with the lead of Max Surban

ahehehe general info guys.......

Friday, April 30, 2010

How to survive financial crisis if you working on a Call Center?

Most of the call center now a days locker and a Bedroom or Nap room are available with in the office building. Recreation areas are added as well for there employees to enjoy while waiting for there shift or while on break. If your lucky showers with free soaps and shampoo are provided by the company as well.

As we all know being a call center representative the salary is not that bad nor not that good. I gonna give some tips on how can you save money and you'll be able to spend a lot of time on sleeping. I promised this you'll be able to save money from riding a taxi twice a day multiple by the number of days you'll be working. Another advantage you'll make of use of those facilities and equipment that your company provides.

I got this Idea from two of my office mates then I sum up all ideas into one.
Lets begin, lets say your shift would start at 11:00pm. we all know that this is one of the most dangerous scheduled for a person. Lazy boy would visit you if your still in bed around 8:00pm and a big chance that you'll fall asleep again. Using you alarm clock or cell phone to Buzz you around 10:00pm before work. Around 70% of the people using this Alarm system to wake you up wont work. So there will be a big chance you'll ride a taxi instead.
Another situation, same shift 11:00pm, 100% sure you'll gonna leave your house by 10:00pm. Now, a problem on transportation would be the challenge here. No traffic but the number of public vehicles would travel on that time are minimal, Once again you'll be tempted to hail a taxi.
Solution for this, I would suggest try to go to office as early as possible. Let say 5:00pm then proceed to the bedroom of your office. Then call or inform your office mate to wake you up before the shift will start. In that case You'll be saving a lot of money based on the transportation alone. Get my point???

Now for sleeping issue this is for those early shift not Grave yard. This wouldn't save your money but it will save your time and spend more hour or two on sleeping than having a problem traveling to and from your house. Most of agents or any employee working on a BPO industry, sleeping is one of our luxury(as well as food ahehehe). Considering the fact that your sleeping on a Air-con compared to a ceiling fan.

This next situation is advantage for those having problem on a long travel from work to house.
Important thing POT of gold awaits for your savings. Locker and shower room are available for some companies. Now make use of those stuff, 1st try to pack your things good for 3 or 5 days. Day 1 set all things to your locker, proceed to your shift just like normal. After your shift, take your meal then to the Internet room or invite your friends to visit recreation area then after straight to the bedroom or nap room. Sleep up to sawa, an hour or two before shift stand up then go directly to the shower room. We'll what else take bath with out unnecessary choirs. Take your meal WALAHHH!! your all set for work.

Simple yet drastic, Some of my co-workers are already doing it. Even I'm planning to do the same as well. . . .
Any ways, need to pack my things now. Hope I was able to give some Idea and helpful tip. I know its way to corny but if you'll think of it for Reality based. It will work, try to compare your daily expenses and multiple it by the number of days you'll be working.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Glimpse


Just want to re-post this article from a blogger giving you a glimpse of being a call center agent. No matter what account you are as long as you're receiving calls from a live person that would be it.

One reason for re-posting this article, I was looking for a picture to be added on my blog and planning to make an article as well. Ive selected that pic on top and seen the origin of the pic (Chronicles Of Techie )and read this article.

Yesterday while I was getting ready to leave, my colleague who mans the support desk called out for me and said “Dhiman a call for you”. My manager who sits in the cube next to me looked up in awe and said “a caall for you on support linea ??”, well I myself was surprised as I donot support any applications. I replied to my friend “Are you sure its for me” he got angry and retorted “Ya man she’s asking for you. Do you think I am joking?” I knew he cannot joke with support calls, so I started walking towards his desk wondering who could “she” be asking for me directly ?
Hesitatingly I picked the receiver and spoke “Yes Dhiman here, How may I help you?” trying to sound like

a support desk personnel, the caller responded “can you be little clear I can’t understand you” I repeated the same this time a bit louder and slower as I had seen the support guys speak slowly while on call. The line was crackling with lot of disturbance and I couldn’t listen anything but thought she said “Can I speak with Dhiman” I said “Yes ma’am Dhiman here, How

can I help you” then she said “No no I am looking for Dhiman”, I was getting irritated it was already late and I am stuck here with somebody who’s playing pranks or what anyway I controlled myself and politely said “Ma’am you ARE speaking to Dhimaaan” to which she replied “I am asking for Dhiman i mean D-A-I-M-Y-N, a lady does she work there ?” I was stunned for a moment and didn’t know what to say or do and quickly said “Oh ma’am I am sorry I think you got to a wrong line, there’s nobody by that name here” hearing it she promptly apologized and disconnected. I kept receiver and scolded my colleague “Hey this call was for someone else and you called me” He smiled and said “Man you spoke to her yourself tell me how do I figure out who she means”. Then he laughed and said “Just see what we have to deal with everyday”.

Well he was right I myself had spoken with her. I smiled back to him and said “yeah I understand” and returned to my seat. Then started thinking about the plight of thousands of “call center agents” who have to deal with this kind of accents whole night yet provide great service. No doubt they are trained but still its really difficult. At the same time I felt bad for the caller as she had to waste so much of time just to know that she had got to wrong number. I was told by my collegues in US, UK about the hard time they have talking to Indian counterparts but they never faced any difficulty with me.
Anyways this was a freak incident and the caller was patient enough and didn’t get annoyed but with the ‘agents’ sometimes it does get worse.Thank God that I don’t need to take calls directly but kudos to these ‘agents’ who do it day in out and yet are able to chill out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Book 1 - Genesis

Chapter 1 - Reasons

Meeting with the other Krukok disciples scheduled time was 1:30pm,i came late due to wet dreams of a young girl named Maria Ozawa Hot. She disturbed my mind and tooot. Assuming making love on a beach with bursting urge to release all PURE strength and Protiens. "No man is an Island" there for we engaged to our all of our time piercing battle in all corners and angle of that island. I whispered on to her ears " i don't wanna leave this island", she replied "tsengketso $*^##%^#$%@&&**(^@( *$(&$(##( %$&*)" hmmmp, I cant understand her,so i asked her again with the same question, she replied with the same answer. I'm not sure if its a positive answer or negative, what i did I plumped her more s said " #((*%( (&$*(&*%$&^% (*^@%%", all of a sudden i woke up. lesson learned i need to study Korean language before imagining maria ozawa again.

When i woke up Its already 2:30pm, a lot of text and missed calls are all stored on my phone. I rushed fixing my self (except taking a bath which would take 20 more minutes). Around 3:00pm i arrived late at the Bat cave, Batman and Batgirl were there. They settled plans for the up coming week to fix our projects. I do hope they'll be able to read this Post so they can understand why I was late.