Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

After our basketball game with officemates we planned to stay over in our batcave. So we decided to head over there directly even all of us are exhausted from the game. Fatigue was already there but another pain struck my head, Headache. Although i didn't bothered assuming its just a simple headache. So we hit the road and drove directly to our batcave with a race against time.

Upon reaching the batcave, couple of bats and unknown creatures surprised us. Good thing grandson of Alfred aka Agent_Baguil was the one driving, he managed to passed all of them with a breeze but still pain is killing me softly.

BatGirl aka Baby Bear was there with his companion( I don't know if that was her/him boyfriend) waiting for us settle out the score from Roshan and defeat Callboy Davao in playing DOTA. Prepared and armed, untuned body distorted my well being causing to chill and fever kicks in. Good thing Alfred and her wife managed to set me on a couch and force me to take a vial with herbal stuff on in it. After couple of minutes I vomited liquids and also the medicine I took.

Bat girl assisted me to my Bed on our Batcave, insuring that I'm comfortable and comfy. So I fall asleep all night and forgot to inform my Furtado. Although Baby Bear already informed her about the scenario, Only one thing came on to mind "hope she'll be here soon"

I woke up assuming she was there already though It was just a dream. No choice but to sleep, acquire my body and consciousness from this illness. I crawl on to the kitchen just to aid the hunger for water and set back to the bed again. No food and other drink available or reachable praying some one will come to pay me a visit.

Couple of hours more after drooling of food and drink, I fall asleep again.
As I woke up again, my head on a lap of some one and arms around me. At first I thought it was Batman or Batgirl which gave me a goose bumps. As i look upon on that lovely face and those China eyes.There she was my Furtado.......
She saved me, a bottle of elixir and a pill with bread to spare in which completed my day and replenish my strength. Thankful that I woke up and the very first thing I saw was her face. Then I said to my self, "Your my paracetamol, antibiotic, solvent, mary jane, stone free and your my opium" you make me high ahehehehehe

Thanks to all my Co-superheroes, who helped to pass this illness. My great Thanks and hope I'll be able to repay you in return for a good deed or deeds. Those who hide there self just to protect others, you are a super hero. Were not fighting crime but were fighting our way to a better future.For us, love ones, family and friends making sure there are safe and booty of needed things to survive.

Every day is a comic story, in each and different way we do. Sacrifice our own time, effort and money to save our family, people who are close to us and also your friends. A lesson not to be learned now but a lesson to be learned after those people will be able to realize that You have done something good for them. Me, I have my superwoman now. I trust her and she trust me as well, we both protect each other from evil villains, ensuring our future will be brighter without stepping on other peoples foot.


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