Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day plans

Two days before the said event, Everyone in the world will be celebrating this event. Along with there family relatives and most special of all our mothers.

Me, still thinking what will I buy for my Mom. Probably an expensive dinner for my mother or a treat on a Spa for a massage. A bunch of flowers may be or a pair of jewelry will do as a sign of simple thanks to my mother.

All of this expensive gifts and treats are 100% sure that would work. although based from my own experience, its not just a box of jewelry but how you prepared it.

The most important fact or recipe of this presents are the effort and the presentation. Yes, money will be apart of it though you wont be needing to use your credit card and swipe and swipe all the way to complete the package.

For instance, a very basic example; prepare a simple breakfast in bed with a pair of daisy or red and white rose on vase or table. A simple omelet dash with oregano leafs, fresh orange and mango fruits blended to add twist on the drink. Bursting eyes will welcome you with a smile like the icon of yahoo messenger. Simple to imagine yet its all about the effort.

How about a planned Dinner, why don't you add a tarpaulin on that restaurant with your moms face. Its kinda silly idea but your mom will appreciate it. Then try to sing a song for her on the center stage with the band.

Another scene, lets say a Spa treat instead try ask for a home service just for your mom. Then prepare a dinner on same area with smoothing ambiance and don't forget some scented candles. Not on the center table but with the dinning area.

This simple example wont be needing a lot of cash but adding a LITTLE effort would complete the day. Bringing home a night to remember with a kiss on chick and a hug from your mom.
We all know most of this presentation can be seen on some movies or shows but if you'll think of it. Just for one night your mom will become a Hollywood star on her special day.
Hey, Bear and Callboy try to treat your mom . . . . aheheheheh ^_^


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