Monday, April 26, 2010

Book 1 - Genesis

Chapter 1 - Reasons

Meeting with the other Krukok disciples scheduled time was 1:30pm,i came late due to wet dreams of a young girl named Maria Ozawa Hot. She disturbed my mind and tooot. Assuming making love on a beach with bursting urge to release all PURE strength and Protiens. "No man is an Island" there for we engaged to our all of our time piercing battle in all corners and angle of that island. I whispered on to her ears " i don't wanna leave this island", she replied "tsengketso $*^##%^#$%@&&**(^@( *$(&$(##( %$&*)" hmmmp, I cant understand her,so i asked her again with the same question, she replied with the same answer. I'm not sure if its a positive answer or negative, what i did I plumped her more s said " #((*%( (&$*(&*%$&^% (*^@%%", all of a sudden i woke up. lesson learned i need to study Korean language before imagining maria ozawa again.

When i woke up Its already 2:30pm, a lot of text and missed calls are all stored on my phone. I rushed fixing my self (except taking a bath which would take 20 more minutes). Around 3:00pm i arrived late at the Bat cave, Batman and Batgirl were there. They settled plans for the up coming week to fix our projects. I do hope they'll be able to read this Post so they can understand why I was late.


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nagminanyak lng ka.. hahaha

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