Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Day

Alas day of Election is finally here, the time for Filipino's to vote for the right leaders that should lead us to ameliorate this country.

Me, Baby Bear and Callboy from Davao discuss what will happen if those skillful or good candidates would won? Will they be able to do some changes on our country? How about solving the problem of corruption? Equal or balance treat from justice, economy, to be heard and in means of public rights?

Our answer to all those questions is 50-50 chance. Ask we babble out our own opinions and idea on different issues sharing points of view. It may be possible but that leader will be making a big impossible step thought it can be a good start. why? Our country itself is invested with a lot of corrupt leaders, in which some are trying to rejuvenate the most wounded part of our economy but in order to dwell with those people they'll be needing to lay all their cards and play with the game 1st. If not, they might be left on a corner with pen and paper only and only choice is to resign or step down from that Golden chair. The more people you do have and connection the stronger the power you possess to do some changes. In short its do or die, making a stand on some rightful acts would mean sacrificing your position for that right deed for your country men. So what you'll do play the safest part of the game, hit those small issues with less casualties. By then You'll be on the spot light for awhile,still the bigger fish will consume smaller fishes from this industries. thats why know your enemy and NEVER hit those big fish because you might be eaten alive.

Politics in this country is just like a Virus, one of my team mate said this. I'ff your computer is infected with a trojan virus it will eat up all files and infected other files. Once you've added a software or files no doubt about it it will be infected too. One way to cure this computer problems by doing reformat. Flushing away and renewing all system. Thats the only solution for that, same way needed to our government renewing it to the point of removing those corrupt so called "LEADERS". Putting a stop to the abuse of using People's Tax or people's money for there benefits.

This just an idea although if you'll think of it, its a fact. Hopefully those person may have the courage to stand and be the voice of people whom able to serve to there family only once per day. Just a typical example that would waken up there conscience about those people who voted them and trusted them. Believing on the capability to lead us to much better and brighter future.


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