Monday, May 3, 2010

Iron Man 2

Once again "Two Thumbs Up" for Robert Downey Jr for playing the role of Tony Stark. No questions about the story line, graphics and audio effects from this movie. They've done a great job to put everything on one single piece of art "Iron Man 2".

After watching the movie unanswered question broth into my Poor Mind. Exact reason of Samuel L Jackson existence on that film?
We'll after doing some research based on my old comic books, I found out that it was Nick Fury. Nick Fury is the founder of the group SHIELD and all along would be Avengers for. Captain america would invite Nick Fury to join his plans and with the help of other superheroes.(this would be based on the comic or old cartoons).A group of Marvel superheroes where in created for One main Purpose, To protect humanity from Evil villains.

Nick Fury is a World War II hero and now up to the present still do exist on the comic book. He doesn't have any super powers but dedicated to maintain Peace and order to Marvels world. Assuring all super heroes on marvel to be one and united as well. Yah, He is quiet old all though with the help of an anti-aging serum he still do exist up to now.

Hope more to come from other older Marvel Heroes. I'll be hoping for the Avengers the movie ahehehehe

This is just a simple picture of Nick Fury, you might recall him from this ahehehe


nopha1989 said...

I already saw the 2nd movie for iron man.... so cool , I really enjoyed it with my "pangit" ^_^

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