Thursday, June 24, 2010


If a kid or a baby will see this M&M light on a outlet, I wonder what would be there reaction ahehehehehe . . . .

Any Idea . . . ?


Friday, June 4, 2010

Good night sleep

Mohawk days of Fedge during our team building from angels hiding place

End of shift 5:00am, Overtime at the office to plan on hitting the targets for this quarter 5:00-6:00am. Breakfast at SUMDIM, after an hour went home and spend time playing with my niece 8:00am. After that check e-mail and updates and now its already 10:28am almost 3 hours are spend on the computer.

In which more than 10 hours was spent in front of the monitor during office hours. Whooouuu any way just posting . . . ( walang magawa) now its time to sleep Good night or Good afternoon to all . . .

Hopefully by the time I'll wake up Dollars will be coming in. . ahehehehe