Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Own Tagaka Mix

Way back a couple of years ago when Me and my brother manage and own a small business place called Chill Out Place. We were the waiter, dishwasher, cook, clerk and of course Owners of that place. Drinks and foods were served with a twist, like our own deep fried frog and sisig dish. For drink we managed to make our own twist of Ske-mix which consist of ice tea and a rum served in different ways. Depth charged, a tempting vodka and our top selling cocktail TAGAKA.

TAGAKA came from a greek word "Ta" for Tanduay(Rum), "Ga" gatas(milk) and "Ka" for kape(coffee). . . . .
Just kidding ^_6, this drink is also known as TAGAMI. This is a Local version of the Bailey's drink, is quiet expensive. Thanks to those (palaigit) Super Mega Hyper Drinker or Bozzer. They were able to mull such drink with lesser cost.

Here in the Philippines most of the people already know what is the recipe of TAGAKA. Basic rum,chocolate powder, coffee and milk or creamer will do to sooth your long day from work but don't forget a bucket of Ice, all though Ive changed some of the ingredients.

These are some tips and also ingredients and things you'll be needing
1.) 200ml - Rum
2.) 20g - Chocolate power or chocolate drink
3.) 50ml - Sweetened milk
4.) 250ml - Water
5.) 1.5L - Empty pitcher
6.) 10g - Coffee
7.) Stirrer
8.) Bucket of ice
9.) Oreo biscuits, chocolate chips or chocolate coated oat flakes

First you need to prepare the pitcher and pour on the 200ml Rum, milk, coffee and chocolate powder, then add the water.
Stir well until all ingredients are mix, add sweetened milk.
Then store in your fridge or freezer for about 20mins.
Before serving prepare the add ons, make sure oreo, chips or chocolate coated oats are crushed well.
You may use a shot glass or a long slim glass with straw.


Call Boy From Davao said...

"TAGAKA came from a greek word "Ta" for Tanduay(Rum), "Ga" gatas(milk) and "Ka" for kape(coffee). . . . . "

ah lyk it! hahaha! nice one!

Fedge Shacks

UTOL said...

punta ka sa DIGOS CITY try our own DAWISRUM. my own mix just like tagaka. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've just tried your recipe, and it somewhat resembles Boracay Rhum, but this one is more to my liking. It's also good in a whiskey glass!

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